The virtual workshop Ton livre Ton histoire

A fun and educational activity to do in class with your students.

To give them a taste for reading and stimulate their creativity!

Our mission is to give children a taste for reading. To do this, we propose to customize a story of their choice on our web application, which they will be the heroes. Imagine their surprise to hold in their hands, a few days later, their own adventure! 

  • Develops the taste of reading;
  • Stimulates creativity;
  • Multi-faceted activities including reading, writing and using a computer.

Dedicated to students in the first cycle and the first year of the second cycle of primary, this workshop is accessible and motivating. Perfect as an activity-reward, before the holidays or at the end of the school year.

The cost of the activity, per student, is $14.21  ($12 without the visit of the author)

Included in this price: 

  • Author's visit in class and preparation for the activity (North and south shore of Montreal, Montégérie, Estrie, Montreal)
  • Access to the web application;
  • A teacher's package including the proposed course, book summaries and student cards for workshop preparation;
  • The personalized book delivered to the school for each child.


Here are the documents to plan the activity, in downloadable and printable version:

1. Letter to the teacher

2. The activity steps

3. Students sheets


Tutorial of the different steps to carry out the activity with your students, in addition to the documents above.

Ton Livre Ton Histoire - Tutoriel de l'atelier from Isabelle Leblanc on Vimeo.



Would you like to do this activity with your students? Contact us now We will be happy to meet you and / or send you the complete kit to school.

Thank you for believing in the magic of books!