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Shimmering Christmas Ball

Peek-a-boo little artist! 

I hope you will have lots of fun creating this Christmas craft with me!   

Voilà – a beautiful decoration for your Christmas tree!

Gather your materials and let's start!




• 6 shimmering and metalized sheets of paper

• A bowl

• String

• Glue stick

• Scizzors



Step 1

• On each sheet of paper, trace a circle around the bowl.

• Cut out the circles



Step 2


• Fold each circle in two.

(Each circle must be glittery or metallic on the inside).



Step 3


• Apply the glue to one side of each of the folded circles..

• Glue the red side of the cirlce to the green side of the circle.



Final Steps


• Repeat Step 3 for all the circles.

• Before gluing the last foldd circle make sure you glue on the string.

Yahoo - you did it! 



A clever little trick!


• On the last folded circle, glue the string to each side.

• Then, glue each side to two other folded circles.




Hope you had fun doing this Christmas craft with me!

Come back soon my little artist!

I have full of fun activities for you


Your friend, Crafty chipmunk xx




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