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Glittering Christmas Snow Globe

Here is a glittering craft to help you get into the Christmas spirit and make it last all year long ! 

Have fun little scientist ! 

Gather your materials and let's start !




• Glass jar

• Figurine

• Glycerin (100 ml bottle)

• Water proof glue

• Sequins



Step 1 


• Glue your figurine in the center of the jar's top (ask mom or dad to help you).

• Wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry and for the figurine to stay in place.



Step 2


• Place the sequins in the glass jar.



Step 3


• Add 1/2 of the bottle of glycerin (50 ml) into the glass jar.

• Fill the rest of the glass jar with water.



Final step


• Tightly close the jar.

• Voila, all done!

Shake your snow globe and watch as the magic of Christmas begins !



A clever little trick !

tourbillon5.png tourbillon6.png

If you can, try to get a figurine that lights up.

It will glow in the dark and could also be used as a nightlight !



Hope you had fun doing this Christmas craft with me!

Come back soon my little scientist!

I have full of fun scientific experiences for you !


Your friend, Crafty chipmunk xx




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